LaserEcoClean: Standard for anilox laser cleaning. - The equipment for safe and eco-friendly laser cleaning of anilox roll.
+7 (921) 862-18-30
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
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EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
EN  |  DE  |  FR
 IT  |  ES  |  PL
+7 (921) 862-18-30
EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
EN  |  DE  |  FR  |  IT  |  ES  |  PL
+ 7 (921) 862-18-30
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Vitali Sirisko
+49 7152 749 30 39
Contact Vitali to book a free trial anilox cleaning directly at you site!
Mobile safe deep cleaning at your premises.
The ink transfer volume of your anilox rolls can be restored to the state of the technically new roll just for 3% of the new roll's price.
  • The cleaning process is done at your facility.
  • You receive a passport with microscopic photos especially made for each cleaned anilox, contains measurement of the screen line and the ink transfer volume.
  • The cleaning process is an absolutely closed cycle.
  • No use of consumables or chemical supplies during the cleaning process. Read more...
The mobile safe deep cleaning of anilox rolls at your premises saves money and costly time of your production team.
More than 700 printing houses have already chosen LaserEcoClean technology to deep and safely clean anilox rolls in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, CIS Countries and Turkey.
In total with LaserEcoClean were cleaned more than 50 000 anilox rolls.
Vasily Burmistrov
+ 49 1767 791 02 92
+1 888 2723298
(toll free USA)
Contact Vasily to receive a free guiding quote with roi.
Everyday safe deep cleaning solution for anilox rolls LaserEcoClean enables you to forget about toxic and expensive chemistry. Due to fully automated process you will be able to completely eliminate human factor from your production.
Cloud database saves for you all data about your anilox rolls in the LEC Cloud DB for the entire lifetime of the equipment.
  • Cleaning speed is up to 1 meter per 7 minutes;
  • Safety for the ceramic surface and the original factory state after each cleaning  are specified in the contract.
Please, click here to see your main advantages from our technology.
Since 2015 our equipment was purchased by more than 60 companies.
LaserEcoClean was found in 2010 by a small group of printing professionals and since then the only goal of the company was to provide safe, deep and eco-friendly cleaning for anilox rolls. LaseEcoClean is also the only anilox cleaning company in Europe which guarantees you legally in the contract the safety of the anilox roll.
Increased ink transfer: the ink transfer volume of your anilox rolls can be safely increased up to 40% due to our deep cleaning procedure without any mechanical damage of the surface of the anilox roll. Learn more...
Friendliness for the environment: LEC is an environmentally friendly method to clean your anilox rolls and sleeves; no use of chemicals or any other consumables in the deep cleaning process.
Guaranteed cell safety: you can do the deep cleaning process of your anilox rolls with our technology as often as you wish with our mobile service or with our stationary equipment. You are guaranteed the safety for the ceramics. Learn more...
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